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10 Incredibly Weird Phobias

Researching weird phobias can become an obsession. Here we have a collection that is truly bizarre.

From fears of the Great Mole Rat to the Fear of Puppy Dogs, these real life phobias are pretty scary on their own.

Euphobia – The Fear of Good News

Euphobia must be very difficult for friends and relatives of the person who has it.

“Hey Babe, Great news! I just came from work,  and I got a big pro- um prostate exam! Yep just got a big prostate exam at work and the results were… not good… yeah so no good news to speak of unfortunately . ”

Seriously though, it must be awful.

Zemmiphobia – Fear of the Great Mole Rat

Naked mole rat

Please don’t be scared of me.

Zemmiphobia is the irrational fear of the “Great Mole Rat”.

The Great Mole Rat seems to be an exaggerated fear-based derivation of this monstrosity above; the naked mole rat, which is, admittedly, pretty awful looking. I’m just not sure how someone could develop a phobia involving an animal that spends almost its entire life underground.

While we’re here… Let’s learn about this awful little thing.

  • Unlike regular moles, the naked mole rat digs with its teeth, instead of its hands. (by the looks of it, I don’t think mole rats do much smooching).
  • One rat can move up to three tons of dirt a year.
  • They are incredibly adept at moving around underground, and can actually move backwards as fast as they move forwards.

As far as I’m concerned, mole rats are cool with me. Unless they start burrowing near my bed, I’m not scared.

Cynophobia – The Fear of Puppy Dogs

Some people are scared of dogs, and some people are SCARED of dogs.

Have you ever seen a huge man with face tattoos start to cry because a puppy gets near him? Well, go ahead…


The real tragedy here is that dogs are everywhere.  A severely cynophobic person will often be unable to leave the house due to the chance they may come across someone’s adorable pet.

Emetophobia – The Fear of Vomiting

Vomit Phobia

Nobody likes vomiting, but Emetophobia can cause so much anxiety that it can actually become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

In a Reddit thread discussing how weird phobias have affected people in real life, user cache-22 described his experience suffering from this phobia. 

Warning: Vomit is discussed.

I used to suffer from emetophobia in my mid-teens, specifically the fear of throwing up in public. Thankfully this isn’t something which affects me much anymore.

It was a massive pain while it lasted. I frequently had to jump off buses early, leave busy rooms, etc. as the fear of vomiting became so overwhelming that I was positive I was about to be sick. But this was a phobia, I wasn’t ever actually sick right?


I was having my hair cut one time. These kinds of situations were the worst as it was difficult for me to get away if it all got to be too much – I couldn’t run out of the place with half a haircut – and if I felt I couldn’t leave, then the fear just grew exponentially.

I was just about to ask to jump down from the chair when the hairdresser decided to spray herself with some perfume. I have no idea why she decided to do that then, but the smell of it tipped me over the edge. I threw up all down the the sheet they wrap around you, leaving a sick/hair combo all over the sheet and floor, and a pretty unpleasant smell in the air.

They had to carefully remove the sheet from me (I was spotless – good old sheet) and clean up my rancid expulsion, while I went to the bathroom with half a wedge cut in to my hair (give me a break, it was the 1990s).

Symmetrophobia – The Fear of Symmetry

Fear of symmetryYa scared?

For most people, things like matching socks and matching shoes is the norm. But for someone with symmetrophobia, just the idea of having their shoes match can give them an anxiety attack. They are unable to deal with anything that has symmetry.

I just hope that someone with Symmetrophobia never meets up with someone with Asymmetriphobia (the fear of asymmetrical things or mismatched socks) because the two might simultaneously combust at the sight of one other.

Ereuthophobia – The Fear of Red

Stop Sign

Here is proof that what you learn here can take you far in life. Next time you get pulled over for running a red light just tell the officer yo have Ereuthophobia.

Common symtoms for people who are Ereuthophobic include fear of red traffic signals, fear of blushing, and fear of communists.

It makes sense if you think about it. Red is the color we most often use to signal danger.  From blood to fire, there are plenty of scary things that are red.

But still, Christmas must be hell for these people.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – The Fear of Long Words

Weird Phobias

If you ever need proof that the people who come up with phobia names have a sense of humor, this is it. This phobia was intentionally given a long name just to make things difficult on the poor people who have it.

The phobia name comes from the root word sesquipedalian meaning “long word.” So technically the phobia should have been called sesquipedaliophobia, but someone along the line decided that just was not long enough.

So they added derivations of hippopotamus and monster just to make it that much longer. Before you start counting, this monstrously long word has 35 letters, making it an immense source of fear and anxiety for anyone who has this phobia.

Carpophobia – The Fear of Fruit

Have you ever looked at an apple and suddenly you just need to run out of the room screaming hysterically?

What about peaches?


I never thought that I’d be linking to a video of Maury, but I guess he is just doing his part in this crazy world.

Novercaphobia- Fear of your step-mother

Slepmother phobiaDo I look evil to you?

If you spent your childhood watching Disney movies, you may be predisposed to this fear. The idea of someone evil becoming part of your family is indeed terrifying.

Now, if you actually have a crappy stepmother (guilty) and you just don’t like her, don’t worry, that’s normal.  It is the illogical fear of one’s stepmother that is technically Novercaphobia.

Walloonphobia – The Fear of Walloons

Thats a Wallon?I am a Walloonian.

Now, your first thought may be that someone who has Walloonphobia has read too many Dr. Seuss books. But the Walloons are not from a Dr. Seuss book, no, they are real and they live in an area of Belgium known as Walloonia.

What makes the Waloonians so terrifying? Well, nothing really. They are actually pretty cool. The Walloons have made numerous contributions to society, including the Big Bang Theory (the theory not the show) and have several Nobel Peace Prize winners.

The fear of Walloons may be hard to understand but it is probably similar to some people’s fear of gypsies.  It’s all misunderstanding and stereotypes. That’s right, racism is the weirdest phobia of all.


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