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10 Awesomely Weird Houses

From a house that walks, to an underground missel silo, people will live in some pretty weird houses.

Let’s take a moment to salute these brave souls, who build their dreams with no concern for resale value.

The Skinny House – Boston

The Skinny House Boston

I know real estate prices in Boston are expensive, but who builds a house so narrow (9.25 feet) you can touch both walls at the same time?

Apparently, this house was a byproduct of that most ancient of sentiments: REVENGE.

It is known as Boston’s Spite house, a loving term given to houses that were built out of spite. Apparently the land had been inherited by two brothers.  When one of the brothers went off to war, he returned only to find that his sibling had not only squandered their inheritance, but built a massive home, leaving only a sliver of land available.

So, he did what any red blooded American would do; he constructed a house for the sole purpose of ruining his brother’s view.

The Silo Home – NY Aderondacks

Weird House(Photo: via)

Tucked away in the Aderondacks sits an unassuming home. The only giveaway that something might be off is the runway that cuts through the property.

But, beneath the house sits a now defunct Atlas F Missel Silo with a control room that’s been converted into a guest room.

At only $750,000, it’s a steal. Let’s take a look around:


This is a really interesting property.  For a full tour, check out Scouting NY’s write up of the Silo Home.

The Billion (That’s with a ‘B’) Dollar Home

Billion Dollar House

This home is the first of it’s kind… meaning the first home to ever come with a billion dollar price tag.

If you are looking for a one of a kind mansion in Mumbai, there is one major problem… building space. So, when billionaire Mukesh Ambani wanted to build a one of a kind mansion in Mumbai, he went up.

This 27 story home features three heli-pads (three!?), six stories of parking, its own theater and a number of other one of a kind accommodations. But the strangest part of this home is that after spending more than a billion dollars building it, Mukesh Ambani refused to move in.

His wife feared bad luck and tidings because the home did not conform to Vastu requirements. But ten months after completion 50 renowned pandits were invited to the home to conduct pujas and address the Vastu dosh. It was only after this process, that Mukesh Ambani and his family moved into the home.

The Winchester House

The Winchester House

At first glance you might not see anything strange about this house, but there is a whole lot of crazy going on. This home was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of the infamous creator of the Winchester Rifle, William Wirt Winchester.

Construction began in 1884 and did not stop until Sarah’s death in 1922. And by did not stop, we mean did not stop… 24 hours a day seven days a week, this house was under construction for 38 years.

Stranger still, there was no plan to the home. Additions were built and placed at random and the home features twists, turns, dead ends and doors to nowhere.

The reason behind the madness is the subject of much speculation. Some say that after losing her husband and daughter, Sarah visited a medium who told her that she must build a house and never stop building it, otherwise the spirits who killed her husband and daughter would get to her too. Another myth says that the constant construction was Sarah’s way of appeasing the spirits of all those who had been killed by her husband’s rifle.


Whatever the history behind Sarah’s home, today the house is believed to be haunted and is a tourist attraction.

The Flintstone House

The Flintstone House

This house looks like it came right out of Bedrock, but it’s actually in Malibu CA, a mecca for luxure real estate.

Like a lot of weird houses, this Gaudi-esque home was commissioned by a celebrity. It was constructed by none other than Dick Clark, and has beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific ocean.

How much will a Flintstones house set you back?  He recently had it listed on the market for a cool 3.5 Million.

The Walking House

Weird walking House

Have you ever thought, man, RVs are convenient but who wants to drive? Just think of everything you miss by having to glance at the road every now and then.

Well the Walking House solves that problem. This “house” may seem like nothing more than a box with windows but it is a fully functioning home.


There is a bathroom, a wood burning stove, kitchen, computer and certainly plenty of space to sleep. Before you start thinking this is just too small to be practical, we have one more bomb to drop. Each one of these walking homes is designed for four people… as in four people are supposed to live in this home.

Judging by how slow this home moves, how small it is, four people living in this house is bound to turn into a very strange Battle Royale. Then again there is also the fourteen miles of road raging drivers that end up stuck behind this crawling house, they just might bring their own end to any trip this house takes.

The Hobbit House

Hobbit Home

This home isn’t a prop from Lord of Rings and you won’t find Bilbo Baggins inside. But what you will find is a home that is completely in tune with the environment and sustainable living.

It was built and designed by a man in Wales.  It was constructed over a 4 month period with little more tools than a chainsaw, hammer, and chisel.

The home is powered by solar panels and the refrigerator is cooled by air coming underground.

The Airplane Home

Airplane Home

For most people being on an airplane is just something we bare in order to get to our destination. With unpleasant memories of the drooler trying to sleep on your shoulder or being trapped with someone else’s screaming baby, airplanes are usually something we are happy to get off and leave behind. But for Bruce Campbell, an airplane is so much more.

He turned this 200 passenger jet into a dream home.

This “house” cost Bruce $200,000 between purchasing the plane and having it placed right where he wanted it.

The Rotterdam Cube Houses

These futuristic cube houses may look like something out of a science fiction novel, but they were actually built in 1977.

These bizarre homes have, over the years, become a tourist attraction.  This has become a nuisance for the people that occupy these 39 homes. In fact, residents were bothered by tourists so often, that one resident decided to open a show cube. The cube is decorated just like a typical home and generates substantial revenue by offering tours.
These homes may look cool but they are somewhat impractical. Each cube is about 300 square feet, but a quarter of that space cannot be used due to the angles of the walls. But even with such a small area each cube offers three floors and two bedrooms. The only good thing is that with the walls and windows angled at 57.4 degrees, you don’t have to worry about hanging those pictures straight.

The Hello Kitty House

The Hello Kitty House

Ahh Hello Kitty, does your branding have no end?

This home is entirely inspired by Hello Kitty both inside and out, and we’re told it can make some men self-combust just by walking through the doors. This home is found in Taiwan and features all the amenities of a normal home with all the pink and kitty faces you can handle and then some.

This house is available for rent to tourists mainly because anyone would go insane if they lived there for more than a week. The couches are pink with pink bows, the pillows are pink, the TV stand is a giant hello kitty, the chairs are silhouette kitty faces.

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